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17. TTS-Cup: Warhammer 40k - Ars Bellica 1500 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Stefan aka "unkonzentriert"DLeipzig15T'au EmpireTabletop Sachsennono
2. Christian aka "Bolsch"DLeipzig263Adepta SororitasTabletop Sachsennono
3. Nick aka "Nick924"DLeipzig6457Space Marinesnono
4. Patrice aka "PalOfPates"DDessau-Roßlau146Space MarinesIncredible Dicefuckersnono
5. Mathieu aka "DeGaullus"DLeipzig195Astra MilitarumTabletop Sachsennono
6. Pascal aka "Gimgalf"DKirchseelte1471Space WolvesTtCDnono
7. Peter aka "Bhaal570"DLeipzig859Dark AngelsTabletop Sachsennono
8. Sebastian aka "Mumakil"DLeipzig817Chaos Daemonsnono
9. Felix aka "Kiro"DLeipzig-Astra MilitarumTabletop Sachsennono
10. Benjamin Rolf aka "Feypr"DHalle-Space Marinesnono

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