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FRENCH WARGAMES DAYS: Briskars - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Mickael aka "Toboe"FDivonne-Les-Bains23SundarsLudikrakenno
2. Tristan aka "Trigrim"FCHARQUEMONT19OrénauquesLes jeux du Plateauno
3. Fabien aka "fabulousfab"FCharquemont-MaoksLes jeux du Plateauno
4. Philippe aka "Eraszeul"FCHARQUEMONT6ExiledLes jeux du plateau 2no
5. Maxime aka "MadMaxKiller"FRolampont13OrénauquesHALPHASno
6. Richard aka "Riton"FChaumont14MaoksHALPHASno
7. Mathieu aka "Le_Morback"FRolampont3ThuléensHALPHAS 2no
8. Yoann aka "looper"FChampigny Les Langres9ThuléensHALPHAS 2no
9. Damien aka "Dasquir"FHazebrouck44QuintorsC.S.B.A.Pno
10. Loïc aka "Loic98765"FVilleurbanne-Sundars-no

List of teams

Registered teams
2Les jeux du PlateauTrigrim, fabulousfab
3Les jeux du plateau 2Eraszeul
4HALPHASMadMaxKiller, Riton
5HALPHAS 2Le_Morback, looper

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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