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Rencontres galactiques d'octobre - List of Participants

1. Fabien aka "Rawulf"FValence401Rebel Allianceno
2. Corentin aka "K67"FVénissieux59Scum and VillainySR2Ano
3. Laurent aka "Lorenz"FLyon78Resistance69th Gones Squadno
4. Stéphane aka "Tephan"FSarras131Galactic EmpireTurris Fortissimano
5. Stanislas aka "Stani_Fett"FValence492Scum and Villainyno
6. Vincent aka "Krategh"FChavannes-Galactic EmpireTurris Fortissimano
7. Greg aka "Odo2569"FTernay210First OrderHive squadno
8. Cédric aka "Dookie"FChuzelles427Rebel AllianceTurris Fortissimano
9. Bruno aka "Leloup"FGivors273Galactic EmpireHive squadno
10. Juan Carlos aka "Lizardo"FGivors88Rebel AllianceHive squadno

Distribution of Armies
Galactic Empire:3
Rebel Alliance:3
Scum and Villainy:2
First Order:1
Distribution of Origins
Rhône (69):5
Drôme (26):3
Ardèche (07):1
Isère (38):1
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