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Let's Faux Rosenheim - List of Participants

1. Klaus aka "Nighthunter"DGomorrha323The GremlinsRosenheimer Tabletop Clubyes
2. Andreas aka "Polometer"DIngolstadt72The NeverbornIlluminatus Frankensteinyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Chris aka "Sisyphus"AHochburg-Ach-The GremlinsRosenheimer Tabletop Clubno
4. Leonhard aka "Averru"DRosenheim27The ResurrectionistsRosenheimer Tabletop Clubno
5. Maximilian aka "Lechuzo_Loco"DSchechen48The Ten ThundersRosenheimer Tabletop Clubno
6. Benedikt aka "RitzititzDerWilde"DKolbermoor25The ResurrectionistsRosenheimer Tabletop Clubno
7. Michael aka "Voltas"DHöslwang-The ArcanistsRosenheimer Tabletop Clubno
8. Markus aka "Harlekin"DMarkt Schwaben35The Resurrectionistsno
9. Wolfgang aka "Bering"DChieming15The OutcastsRosenheimer Tabletop Clubno
10. Marcel aka "Glassquid"DAugsburg46The Ten Thundersno
11. Chris aka "Cyres"DIngolstadt47The ResurrectionistsIlluminatus Frankensteinno

Distribution of Armies
The Gremlins:1
The Neverborn:1
Distribution of Origins
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