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L'Aiglon en colère V - List of Participants

1. Carl aka "BlackLegion25"FBeure-Chaos Space MarinesBlackLegion25noyes
2. Renaud aka "Le-Franc-Conteur"FSeloncourt-Space Wolvesnoyes
3. (anonym)-Death GuardDeath Guard - The Poxmongersnoyes
4. Gaël C.FArc Et Senans-Astra Militarumnoyes
5. Ludovic aka "Argawean"FValdahon-Thousand Sonsnoyes
6. Alexis aka "Aleskill"FChemaudin-NecronsThe Empire Strike back (Necron)noyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
7. Baptiste aka "Rose"FPagney-Adepta Sororitasnono
8. Nicolas aka "Zerk_"FBesançon-T'au Empirenono
9. Pierre-Hicham aka "Chaos_Space_Marine"FBesançon2880Chaos Space Marinesnono
10. Charles aka "Carlos_70"FVesoul-The InquisitionAigles Séquanesnono
11. Yohann aka "Yocha"FValdahon6172NecronsAigles Séquanesnono
12. Thomas aka "Berger"FBesançon-Deathwatchnono
13. Clement aka "MerllinPinpin"FBesancon-Chaos Daemonsnono
14. Mathieu aka "sairuss"FBesançon702Death GuardAigles Séquanesnono

Distribution of Armies
Astra Militarum:1
Chaos Space Marines:1
Death Guard:1
Space Wolves:1
Thousand Sons:1
Distribution of Origins
Doubs (25):6
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