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1. TTS Weihnachtsturnier Age of SantaClaus - List of Participants

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1. Nico aka "BobbyHobby"DHalle126SkavenTabletop Sachsenno
2. Philipp aka "DerGrieche"DLeipzig40Hedonites of SlaaneshTabletop Sachsenno
3. Moritz aka "Murmel"DLeipzig29Disciples of TzeentchTabletop Sachsenno
4. Sebastian aka "beasti"DLeipzig79Grand Alliance DeathTabletop Sachsenno
5. Max aka "ausgemaxt"DLeipzig92Flesh-eater CourtsTabletop Sachsenno
6. Bernhard aka "Just_A_skink"DLeipzig236SeraphonTabletop Sachsenno
7. Thomas aka "Tomnado"DLeipzig-Slaves to Darknessno
8. Florian aka "Irish"DHalle(Saale)281Maggotkin of Nurgleno
9. Timo aka "Boozeman"DLeipzig93Cities of SigmarTabletop Sachsenno
10. (anonym)-Cities of SigmarA-Teamno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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