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Journée WU à Utopolys - List of Participants

1. Quentin aka "Manero"FSoissons-Magore’s Fiendsyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Jean-Pierre aka "Shinji"FLille76Eyes of the NineMulliganno
3. Tanguy aka "DocChatte"FLILLE-Thundrik's ProfiteersLes Chatards !no
4. Etienne aka "Scelethus"FFontenay-Aux-Roses5Rippa's Snarlfangsno
5. Gaetan aka "Capitaine_Brindille"FLille-Magore’s FiendsLes Chatards !no
6. Clément aka "Grimork"FVALENCIENNES22Zarbag’s GitzLes Grouik'sno
7. Philippe aka "Nemesis62100"FCalais504Lady Harrow's MournflightDark Squigs Némésis & Cieno

Distribution of Armies
Magore’s Fiends:1
Distribution of Origins
Aisne (02):1
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