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CONVENTION APOCALYPSE volume III - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Olivier aka "Drakkhenn"FPloërmel-Chaos Space MarinesBWAnono
2. Thierry aka "valcoet"FBalazé1066Space WolvesBWAnono
3. Christophe aka "Brygnnar"FNoisy Le Sec1063Space WolvesDead Warnono
4. Guillaume aka "Luis"FTAIN L'HERMITAGE922Blood AngelsDead Warnono
5. William aka "killiox"FBischwiller354Dark AngelsElsass forevernono
6. Philippe aka "Auberon"FMarseille En Beauvaisis-Adeptus CustodesTeam Briochenono
7. Olivier aka "Sethi"FBoutigny575Space MarinesLes Arènes BLCnono
8. Guillaume aka "gouille"Fchateauneuf sur loire682Adeptus CustodesLa Guilde du warpnono
9. Olivier aka "tomtom"FPaimpont3584Space WolvesBWAnono
10. Julien aka "Le-Myrthouflan"FDomloup1363Adeptus MechanicusBWAnono
11. Victor aka "Vict0r"FMontigny Les Metz826Tyranids(o00o)nono
12. Yoan aka "Silenoz"FVendenheim38OrksElsass forevernono
13. Thibaut aka "FalckoPunk"FFouchy428Astra MilitarumElsass forevernono
14. Erwann aka "rwarwann35"FBourgbarré2877Imperial KnightsBWAnono
15. Antony aka "Ragnar1970"FVersailles3948Adeptus Mechanicusnono
16. Thomas aka "pzy"FOrnex933Adeptus CustodesDead Warnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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