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HSHT IV : Guest Start Cheveux - List of Participants

1. Laurent aka "MysticAngel"FGerbaix52Infernal DwarvesOrga corruptibleyes
2. Charles aka "Charles"FTramolé180Orcs and Goblinsyes
3. Iafrate aka "lexluthor"FBourgoin-Jallieu44Infernal DwarvesMootland clan /Sons of gamesyes
4. Emeric aka "Villissime"FGrenoble164Kingdom of EquitaineAnonyNoobz-The Mandales ou Rienyes
5. Morgan aka "Baalek"FTêche619Dwarven HoldsAnonyNoobz-The Mandales ou Rienyes
6. Jérémie aka "Cheveux"FAngers41Warriors of the Dark GodsPeepoodo loversyes
7. Jonathan aka "Kroxi38"FRuy60Dread ElvesAnonyNoobz-The Mandales ou Rienyes
8. Mathias aka "Mathias69"FLille570Dwarven HoldsLes joyeux cons peintsyes
9. Christophe aka "Tito69"FLyon43Vampire CovenantLes joyeux cons peintsyes
10. Presumey aka "kpcien"FChanay50Vampire Covenantyes
11. Nicolas aka "Toutancarton"FBourdeaux5Highborn ElvesLes joyeux cons peintsyes
12. Franck aka "Aesanar"FCernay103Highborn ElvesMootland clan /Sons of gamesyes
Waiting Queue
13. Yann aka "Shizuu"FLyon10Daemon LegionsThe Relentless Companyyes
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14. Fabien aka "kitinik"FDouvaine87Warriors of the Dark GodsSons of Gamesno

Distribution of Armies
Dwarven Holds:2
Highborn Elves:2
Infernal Dwarves:2
Vampire Covenant:2
Dread Elves:1
Kingdom of Equitaine:1
Orcs and Goblins:1
Warriors of the Dark Gods:1
Distribution of Origins
Isère (38):5
Rhône (69):2
Ain (01):1
Drôme (26):1
Maine-et-Loire (49):1
Haut-Rhin (68):1
Savoie (73):1
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