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2. Summoners Turnier der Tabletop Knights (v2) - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Christoph aka "hahnc77"DMehring1YolcathanTabletop Knightsno
2. Sebastian aka "Bhrian"DMühldorf2Shael-raTabletop Knightsno
3. Kai aka "el_Uruk"DEmmerting-YolcathanTabletop Knightsno
4. Hans aka "Element"DBurghausen4TungolheimTabletop Knightsno
5. Christian aka "Darkover"DWangen im Allgäu12ElendisTabletop im Allgäuno
6. Korbinian aka "Korbi_Meise"AHochburg Ach-TungolheimTabletop Knightsno
7. Tomy aka "Sankti"DTöging am Inn7VerderbnisTabletop Knightsno
8. László aka "Neverwas"DWangen im Allgäu9Shael-raTabletop im Allgäuno
9. Klaus aka "Gargbad"DDiepoltskirchen5TungolheimDie grüne Hordeno
10. Elvis aka "Zerebrus"DKraiburg am Inn3YolcathanDie grüne Hordeno
11. Max aka "MrPanda"NZHamilton-Shael-raBellatoresno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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