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Tournoi "des cons finement" - List of Participants

1. Guillaume aka "choub"FChambéry115Scum and Villainy73 eme escadronno
2. Andrea aka "danoliv"FChambery304Rebel Alliance73 eme escadronno
3. Jérémy aka "Amiral-General-Revil"FThônes390Rebel AllianceLe Poney Fringantno
4. Js aka "BLESS"FRumilly334Scum and Villainy73 eme escadronno
5. Roger aka "Lord_Mordekai"FMassingy291Rebel Alliance73 eme escadronno
6. Geoffray aka "JoF"FValliere Sur Fier-Scum and Villainyno
7. Clément aka "DarkCleks"FBeaufort312Galactic Empireno
8. Julien aka "darkjulius"FCognin267Galactic Empire73 eme escadronno

Distribution of Armies
Rebel Alliance:3
Scum and Villainy:3
Galactic Empire:2
Distribution of Origins
Haute-Savoie (74):4
Savoie (73):3
Jura (39):1
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