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Orge of Sigmar - List of Participants

1. Julien aka "Linkoln"FSaint Michel Sur Orge-Legions of NagashTeam Princesseyesyes
2. Pierre aka "Pierrodactyl"FOrleans430Blades of KhorneOrléans wargamesyesyes
3. Jim aka "Cadacoin"FMalakoff-Orruk Warclansyesyes
4. Yann aka "Celtik"FLIMOURS-Beasts of Chaosyesyes
5. Guillaume aka "Grob"FBretigny-Sur-Orge-Gloomspite Gitzyesyes
6. Ghislain aka "Mada"FSaint-Michel-sur-Orge-SeraphonFrom Nowhere Playersyesyes
7. Ewen aka "Solitfa"FMaisons-Alfort-Orruk Warclansyesyes
8. Benoît aka "Savinien"FDraveil166Grand Alliance Deathyesyes
9. Damien aka "damdamdeo"FRelevant111Cities of SigmarLa Confrérie des Malemouleuxyesyes
10. Nicolas aka "NicolasH"FAsnières-SkavenNico²yesyes
11. Michael aka "chevalierorazur"FMaisons-Alfort-Slaves to DarknessLa ruche ludiqueyesyes
12. Alexandre aka "Manaheus"FMaisons-Alfort-Daughters of KhaineLa ruche ludiqueyesyes
13. Joris aka "Balrogue"FColombes71Ogor MawtribesHaches Sanglantesyesyes
14. Mathias aka "Helogue"FSaint Rémy Les Chevreuse531Ossiarch Bonereapersyesyes
15. Spyros aka "SK-"BBruxelles42Slaves to DarknessLe Cercleyesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
16. Vincent aka "MMalus"FParis316Lumineth Realm-Lordsnono
17. Julien aka "Lestat77"FVersailles170Cities of SigmarEsprit Ludiquenono
18. Aimée aka "Aimee"FSaint Germain en Laye-Blades of KhorneFrom Nowhere Playersnono

The tournament has reached the allowed limit of 18 players. Please contact the organizer for further details.

Distribution of Armies
Orruk Warclans:2
Slaves to Darkness:2
Beasts of Chaos:1
Blades of Khorne:1
Cities of Sigmar:1
Daughters of Khaine:1
Gloomspite Gitz:1
Grand Alliance Death:1
Legions of Nagash:1
Ogor Mawtribes:1
Ossiarch Bonereapers:1
Distribution of Origins
Essonne (91):5
Hauts-de-Seine (92):3
Val-de-Marne (94):3
Ain (01):1
Cher (18):1
Loiret (45):1
Yvelines (78):1
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