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La confrérie du Bolt'eure - List of Participants

1. Gurvan aka "Karadog"FPlougoulm1537Eldaryesyes
2. Cedric aka "Spirit"FBihorel832Dark Angelsyesyes
3. Ben aka "MerciSpirit"FRoncherolles553TyranidsCRJHyesyes
4. Laurent aka "Lol"FParis31Adeptus MechanicusPU _ Alphayesyes
5. Guillaume aka "Nooounours"FLa neuville champs d oisel140Chaos Space MarinesWargame Xyesyes
6. Alexandre aka "Archaon76"FLe Thuit Simer186Harlequinsyesyes
7. Laurent aka "Durak"FBonsecours1577Grey Knightsyesyes
8. Nicolas aka "Arnar_Aenor"FCaen322EldarFTAyesyes
9. Julien aka "Julcos"FRouen220Astra MilitarumWargame Xyesyes
10. Romain aka "Inquisitor_Twiggy"FTrouville Sur Mer493Grey KnightsOmbres et Lumièresyesyes
11. Matthieu aka "FrrKaderius"FRouen563Dark Angelsyesyes
12. Sébastien aka "Hert"FRouen218Grey KnightsWargame Xyesyes
13. Denys aka "Typharion"FAmfreville-La-Mi-Voie1074Death GuardWargame xyesyes
14. Maximilien aka "Winston76"FCriel Sur Mer152Ynnariyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Grey Knights:3
Dark Angels:2
Adeptus Mechanicus:1
Astra Militarum:1
Chaos Space Marines:1
Death Guard:1
Distribution of Origins
Seine-Maritime (76):9
Calvados (14):2
Eure (27):1
Finistère (29):1
Paris (75):1
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