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Guild'AOS - List of Participants

1. Antoine aka "Pizza-de-Tzeentch"FNiort179Grand Alliance ChaosAquitania Lionsyes
2. Guillaume aka "Desru"FMérignac335Soulblight GravelordsCDA Studioyes
3. Philippe aka "Vindic"FLanton251Cities of SigmarAquitania Lionsyes
4. Flavien aka "Gromthi"FCazaux340Grand Alliance DeathGromthiyes
5. Damien aka "Poete"FMérignac215Beasts of Chaosyes
6. Samir aka "Tess"FVillenave d'ornon405Daughters of KhaineAquitania Lionsyes
7. Marc aka "marcvador"FMios450Lumineth Realm-LordsAquitania Lionsyes
8. Cédric aka "Krorynator"FBordeaux374Stormcast EternalsCDA Studioyes
9. Benoît aka "Ragnarf"FMargaux218Cities of SigmarMulsdoon’s baneyes
10. Arthur aka "ArtOfWar"FBordeaux210Beasts of Chaosyes
11. Julien aka "Tepoktac"FBordeaux-SylvanethCDA Studioyes
12. Rom aka "Eretz"FParis159Daughters of KhaineSquad Disorderyes

Distribution of Armies
Beasts of Chaos:2
Cities of Sigmar:2
Daughters of Khaine:2
Grand Alliance Chaos:1
Grand Alliance Death:1
Lumineth Realm-Lords:1
Soulblight Gravelords:1
Stormcast Eternals:1
Distribution of Origins
Gironde (33):10
Paris (75):1
Deux-Sèvres (79):1
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