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King in the North IV - List of Participants

1. Paco aka "Iblis"EMadrid6NightstalkersLes Chatards !yes
2. Samuel aka "expunk"FVilleneuve D' Ascq17OgresVivre libre ou mouriryes
3. Tanguy aka "DocChatte"FLILLE22FrenchLes Chatards ! Impairyes
4. Christophe aka "galahad59"FCurgies-Forces of the Abyssyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
5. Jean aka "Twerk"FLille19Holy Roman EmpireLes Chatards !no
6. Sylvain aka "sparnacum"Fepernay100Undeadveni vidi presque vicino
7. Alban aka "walach"FCroix16League of RhordiaAut agere aut morino
8. Harold aka "harold"FTinqueux177Ratkinveni vidi presque vicino
9. Julien aka "krupp_tyran_ogre"FLille63Forces of the AbyssAut agere aut morino
10. Maxime aka "Fao"FTourcoing42Forces of the AbyssLes roi de l'Abysseno
11. Alex aka "Alexlesec"FMarly21OgresLes Chatards !no
12. Alexandre aka "Alex_59"FCroix40Undeadno
13. Olivier aka "Orckel"FLille15OrcsVert un jour vert toujoursno
14. Eric aka "Ancilla"FOutreau-Trident Realms of NeriticaQue le samedi, qqun pr dimanche?no
15. Vincent aka "BlackSheepOne"FLille76NightstalkersFenrisúlfrno
16. Simon aka "Dabuh"FThiennes-Trident Realms of NeriticaClub Sandwichno
17. Rodolphe aka "LuciusForge"FSaint Bris Le Vineux31ElvesAuxerre Wargameno
18. Nathan aka "Azcatshi"FBessy-Sur-Cure44DwarfsAuxerre Wargameno
19. Maxime aka "Maximork"FAuxerre27RatkinAuxerre Wargameno
20. Kevin aka "Kiev"FReims113VarangurAut agere aut morino
21. Nicolas aka "Nayko_le_Rat"FLyon25RatkinLes Rats Corruptiblesno
22. Arthur aka "Alchamelk"FArras53OrcsGandalf le blancno
23. Sarah aka "SarahJoueAuxFigz"FLille84Elvesno

Distribution of Armies
Forces of the Abyss:1
Distribution of Origins
Nord (59):3
Pas-de-Calais (62):1
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