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Malemoule Fest - Le Choc des Régions - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Teddy aka "Frosties"FCruseilles18FyreslayersLes pilliers de tavernesno
2. Cyril aka "cygi42"FMontbrison492Hedonites of SlaaneshWargame Forézien.no
3. Axel aka "Waarde"FChateauroux299Ogor MawtribesTour des Griffonsno
4. Sylvain aka "Ezra"FRomanèche-Thorins-Stormcast Eternalsno
5. Norman aka "Northman-"FLyon-Blades of KhorneLes Bringueursno
6. Sébastien aka "Crafouin"FArras591Grand Alliance ChaosDemonic Snailno
7. Jim aka "Cadacoin"FMalakoff264Stormcast Eternalsno

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