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56. Mayener X-Wing Turnier - Extended - List of Participants

1. Marcel aka "Qbyrd"DKoblenz53First OrderExpendable Squadronyes
2. Oliver aka "insi"DKoblenz163Rebel Allianceyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. (anonym)-Rebel Allianceno
4. Daniel aka "Tutti"DBraubach1010Scum and Villainyno
5. Bert aka "Hachimon"DMühlheim66Galactic EmpireÄbbelwoi Acesno
6. Nico aka "Mandalorian"DKoblenz275Galactic Empireno
7. Patrick aka "Evan"DGrevenbroich187Rebel Allianceno
8. Sascha aka "Kharn86"DElsdorf205First OrderExpendable Squadronno
9. (anonym)-First Orderno
10. Ronald aka "DaObaboss"DAndernach - Namedy338Scum and Villainyno

Distribution of Armies
First Order:1
Rebel Alliance:1
Distribution of Origins
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