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RSL 199 Première Edition - List of Participants

There are no registrations yet...
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Damien aka "Swagson-McYolo"FAnnecy2246OrksImperialWaaaaaghno0
2. Nicolas aka "Nicola"FChavanod2246Space MarinesImperialWaaaaaghno0
3. David aka "Karnum13"FRumilly206DrukhariStp, tape pas trop fort !no0
4. Guillaume aka "Bagk"FAix les bains376OrksAffreux zigsno0
5. Jean Yves aka "Drsnake"FRumilly1793Imperial KnightsAffreux zigsno0
6. Antony aka "aRBO"FAnnecy874Space MarinesStp, tape pas trop fort !no0
7. Luc aka "Eldrad_V"FAnnecy le vieux54The InquisitionLes Ramoneurs Savoyardno0
8. Cedric aka "Tsetse"FSaint Jorioz186TyranidsLes Ramoneurs Savoyardno0

List of teams

Registered teams
1ImperialWaaaaaghSwagson-McYolo, Nicola
2Stp, tape pas trop fort !Karnum13, aRBO
3Affreux zigsBagk, Drsnake
4Les Ramoneurs SavoyardEldrad_V, Tsetse

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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