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Bolt Action chez Les Squigs 2021 - List of Participants

1. Vincent aka "khaldudu"FCalais11French ArmyLes semi-croustillantsyesyes
2. Adrien aka "Seeker62"FCalais30German Armyyesyes
3. Thierry aka "thiv01"FDunkerque47British Armyyesyes
4. Christophe aka "arhabal"FCalais17German ArmyLes Squigs du Nordyesyes
5. Cedric aka "crazyhorse"FCalais6German ArmyLes Squigs du Nordyesyes
6. Jonathan aka "punisherx62x"FCalais7British ArmyRoyal air forceyesyes
7. Franck aka "hulco"FGhyvelde De Moeren23German ArmyIllusion Gameryesyes
8. Stephane aka "stormbringer"FCalais10US Armysquigs du nordyesyes

Distribution of Armies
German Army:4
British Army:2
French Army:1
US Army:1
Distribution of Origins
Pas-de-Calais (62):6
Nord (59):2
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