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C3f'or fun & Noël - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Pierre aka "Zorglub"FBarberaz114Adepta SororitasTeam Sawaaaghno
2. David aka "Karnum13"FRumilly301Chaos DaemonsTeam Sawaaaghno
3. Amaury aka "Lutira"FVilleurbanne1043OrksAmour Gloire et Bolterno
4. Quentin aka "Grombridal"FVilleurbanne376Adepta SororitasAmour Gloire et Bolterno
5. Bastien. aka "Scarcoon"FCorbas147OrksPoutrement votreno
6. Arthur aka "Inflammes"FLyon318Adeptus MechanicusC'est quoi nos secondaires déjà?no
7. Vincent aka "Krokmort"FCaluire Et Cuire318NecronsC'est quoi nos secondaires déjà?no
8. Anthony aka "geriko74"FAllinges-Death Guardwaaaghno
9. Clovis aka "Rackmar"FLe Vernet3089Thousand SonsFumble Crusadersno
10. Yoan aka "The-Dogdiver"FClermont-Ferrand3342Space MarinesFumble Crusadersno
11. Francois aka "Darth_FranuS"FLyon562DrukhariHaine Honte et Radiantno
12. Loic aka "Tetra-Priest-Corwin"FLyon463Adeptus MechanicusHaine Honte et Radiantno
13. Victor Yannick aka "Samatronzx23"FTeillet-Argenty1431TyranidsMDOno

List of teams

Registered teams
1Team SawaaaghZorglub, Karnum13
2Amour Gloire et BolterLutira, Grombridal
3Poutrement votreScarcoon
4C'est quoi nos secondaires déjà?Inflammes, Krokmort
6Fumble CrusadersRackmar, The-Dogdiver
7Haine Honte et RadiantDarth_FranuS, Tetra-Priest-Corwin

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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