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2.TTS-CUP WMH - List of Participants

1. Kevin aka "Nox"DKloster Lehnin4Legion of EverblightLast Stand Berlinyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Walther aka "ZeroKey"DChemnitz42The Circle OrborosBoarding Crewno
3. Holger aka "holgonaut"DBerlin-Legion of EverblightLast Stand Berlinno
4. Johannes aka "JoJoBrunnix"DLeipzig12Legion of EverblightWo die wilden Kerle wohnenno
5. Tom aka "Gorkul"DBerlin22Convergence of CyrissLast Stand Berlinno
6. David aka "Nokobuku"DHaßloch48The Skorneno

Distribution of Armies
Legion of Everblight:1
Distribution of Origins
Kloster Lehnin:1
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