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Die Flamme ersteigt - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Antonio aka "Matrix64"CHStans-The FellowshipSML_Stansyesno
2. Benjamin aka "benjderxv"CHLachen11Mordornono
3. Michael aka "Zuri3"CHBern2AngmarBärnnono
4. Lars aka "Itae96"CHStans3AngmarSML_Stansyesno
5. Simona aka "Strongbow"CHKerns25Minas TirithSML_Stansyesno
6. Philip aka "Haleth"CHSt. Gallen28The FellowshipKnights of the Tablenono
7. Luca aka "braincastle"CHZug-Harad and UmbarZugnono
8. Nor*** aka "Aloha08"CHZürich6The ShireTeam Zürinono
9. Roland aka "Hal"CHReinach13AngmarTeam Baselnono
10. Marlon aka "Lucky_2"CHReinach-Thorin's CompanyTeam Baselnono
11. (anonym)-Azog's HuntersTeam Baselnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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