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Open de l'Isle-Jourdain - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Rodéric aka "MiniVect"FFleury-Les-Aubrais89T'au EmpireMSUyesno
2. Olivier aka "Sancho"FIsle-Jourdain155Death GuardMSUyesno
3. Alexandre aka "HarryWhy"FToulouse103Adepta SororitasLa voie du thalosyesno
4. Kevin aka "Tank31"FMondonville1561DeathwatchTanknono
5. Adrien aka "Hazeltorn"FMons153Chaos Space MarinesLa voie du thalosyesno
6. Pierre aka "Hicks31"FLabège349HarlequinsLa voie du thalosnono
7. Laurent aka "Pitt_Rage"FAucamville-Space Marinesnono
8. Julien aka "Bubu"FToulouse-OrksMachomen'snono
9. Marc aka "jovis"FToulouse425Grey KnightsLa voie du thalosnono
10. Nicolas aka "nurgling1"FSoulignac (33760)-Chaos Space Marinesles joueurs du garagesnono
11. Hugo aka "Rouages"FToulouse280Space Marinesnono
12. David aka "mirco"FLherm2973Eldarla voie du thalosnono
13. Sébastien aka "Sebastus"FToulouse-Le-Château423Space MarinesEternel Imperiumnono
14. Olivier aka "levigan4"FVilleurbanne1332The InquisitionLwcnono
15. Kévin aka "Migistri"FToulouse1082TyranidsUltra Stealersyesno
16. Julien aka "JLA31"FCintegabelle-Space MarinesUltrastealersyesno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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