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Tournoi à Reims 9 - List of Participants

1. Matthieu aka "GhazgH"FBoulogne-Billancourt1Empire of the Jade TriadLes Ducs de Boulbino
2. Timothée aka "TimAnim"FCormontreuil-Cobra GuardAmicale Jaminno
3. Clément aka "FullMetalDaddy"FBoulogne Billancourt3Sorority & FadelaLes Ducs de Boulbino
4. Nicolas aka "nicoleblond"FMarines2Empire of the Jade TriadSFJno
5. Nicolas aka "k-sandre"FMeaux5Rados Cultsles observateurs de mondesno
6. Aaah aka "Magnor"FOrsay7Templarno
7. Shashak aka "Shashak"FOrsay-Walosi Clanno
8. Simon aka "Seigneur-de-la-Lenteur"FReims-TemplarAmicale Jaminno

Distribution of Armies
Empire of the Jade Triad:2
Cobra Guard:1
Rados Cults:1
Sorority & Fadela:1
Walosi Clan:1
Distribution of Origins
Marne (51):2
Essonne (91):2
Hauts-de-Seine (92):2
Seine-et-Marne (77):1
Val-d'Oise (95):1
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