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Je joue en Beaujolais X-Wing - List of Participants

1. William aka "Willskyrunner"FDRACE382First OrderSR2Ano
2. Laurent aka "Lorenz"FCaluire-et-Cuire10ResistanceGones Squadno
3. Yoann aka "Niarff"FLyon42Scum and VillainyGones Squadno
4. Corentin aka "K67"FVénissieux22Scum and VillainyGones Squadno
5. Bastien aka "Joriin"FVénissieux54Galactic EmpireSR2Ano
6. Gaultier aka "Got"FSaint Didier De Formans-Scum and VillainyGones Squadno
7. Clement aka "Clem69"FLyon234First OrderGones Squadno
8. Virgil aka "Derricote-Evir"FThurins-Galactic EmpireHive Squadno
9. Sebastien aka "knightseb"FTorcy291Rebel AllianceSR2Ano
10. Andrew aka "Le_Chancelier"FToulouse41Galactic EmpireNantes Squadronno

Distribution of Armies
Galactic Empire:3
Scum and Villainy:3
First Order:2
Rebel Alliance:1
Distribution of Origins
Rhône (69):7
Ain (01):1
Haute-Garonne (31):1
Saône-et-Loire (71):1
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