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1. DUST Gentlemanˋs Cup - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Johannes aka "scaly"DBerlin12Cthulhu Mythosnono
2. Sepp aka "Sepp_the_Unicorn"DHannover26BlutkreuzUnited Dust Commanders Hannovernono
3. Daniel aka "Mr_Waffles"DBerlin13IJNSpielefreunde Berlinnono
4. Andreas aka "Schmiddy"DHannover39PLAUDC Hannovernono
5. Sven aka "Sventurio"DBerlin-Blutkreuznono
6. Kay aka "KaSch"DHannover-Cthulhu MythosUDC Hannovernono
7. Frank aka "Minotaure999"DBerlin17Alliesnono
8. Marcel aka "Amigomarcellino"DErfurt9BlutkreuzTabletopclub Erfurt e.V.nono
9. Norbert aka "SevenGreen"DErfurt-AxisTabletopclub Erfurt e.V.nono
10. Malte aka "SeriousSully"DBerlin-USMCSpielefreunde Berlinnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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