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Tournoi du Téléthon des Gobelins Solitaires - List of Participants

1. Pierre aka "legrosnain"FPerpignan132The InquisitionLes gobelins sauvagesyesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Yoann aka "yolu"FPort La Nouvelle41Death GuardLes gobelins sauvagesnoyes
3. Philippe aka "elpresidente"FPonteilla175Thousand SonsLes gobelins sauvagesnoyes
4. Thierry aka "Attila-roi-des-uns"FISTRES892Space WolvesLes Stratèges du XIIInoyes
5. Pierric aka "B_T_K"FPerpignan-DrukhariLes gobelins sauvagesnoyes
6. Dominique aka "Stormfox66"FSt Féliu D'amont782Adepta SororitasLes gobelins sauvagesnoyes
7. Etienne aka "Azkern"FSt Féliu D'amont958Adeptus MechanicusLes gobelins sauvagesnoyes
8. Laurent aka "catarpilar"FCarcassonne214Death GuardGrabugenoyes
9. Loic aka "Ars"FCarcassonne215Space MarinesGrabugenoyes
10. Korrentin aka "Dokikong"FSaint-Esteve546Grey KnightsLes gobelins sauvagesnoyes
11. Xavier aka "pattonx"FPadern2017Astra Militarumnono
12. Philippe aka "PETITLAPINROSE"FPerpignan862EldarLes gobelins sauvagesnoyes
13. Bryan aka "Byx"FPerpignan1702Adeptus CustodesLes gobelins sauvagesnono
14. Olivier aka "Ozol"FPerpignan-Adepta Sororitasnono
15. Guillaume aka "Pham01"FPailhès496Blood AngelsMootland Clannoyes
16. Stephane aka "Fish66"FSt Cyprien-Adeptus MechanicusLes gobelins sauvagesnono

Distribution of Armies
The Inquisition:1
Distribution of Origins
Pyrénées-Orientales (66):1
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