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Ra-maine - List of Participants

1. Olivier aka "Eschelius"FLe Mans11Jung Piratesyesno
2. Benoit aka "gork72"FLa chapelle saint aubin-Cult of Yureiyesno
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Vincent aka "marneus93"FLA FLECHE10Savage WaveASSLnono
4. Cyril aka "Drangivas"FThouaré-Sur-Loire-Prefecture of Ryunono
5. Kévin aka "Raskace"FLAVERNAT13Prefecture of Ryunono
6. Matthieu aka "yatoshin"FLe Mans6Ito Clannono
7. Quentin aka "Tr3ize"FAngers1Cult of Yureinono

Distribution of Armies
Cult of Yurei:1
Jung Pirates:1
Distribution of Origins
Sarthe (72):2
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