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2ème Tournoi Age Of Sigmar en doublette 1 000 points Hobby Max - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Baptiste aka "Braxx"FVeneux-les-Sablons-Orruk WarclansLé Pô Pa Vert'nono
2. Maxime aka "Mweax"FParis613Gloomspite GitzLé Pô Pa Vert'nono
3. Vianney aka "Karoningor"FLille151Sons of BehematLes châtards d'Utopolysnono
4. Matthieu aka "LUPETTE"FSoissons128Sons of BehematDuo Ludisnono
5. Jérémie aka "Kata"FLille118Grand Alliance ChaosLes châtards d'Utopolysnono
6. James aka "Horusiel"FLille103Disciples of TzeentchFluff et Arpenteurnono
7. Sean aka "Aryhas"FLille28Grand Alliance ChaosFluff et Arpenteurnono

List of teams

Registered teams
1Lé Pô Pa Vert'Braxx, Mweax
2Les châtards d'UtopolysKaroningor, Kata
4Fluff et ArpenteurHorusiel, Aryhas

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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