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La tour de Babelben 3 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Julien aka "TicSon"FCastanet-Tolosan284YnnariSons of Chocolatinenono
2. Jean-Marie aka "Chestnut"FToulouse63TyranidsMachomen’snono
3. Emmanuel aka "ManuP"FBeauzelle170Thousand SonsMSUnono
4. Maxime aka "Gadzoou"FTournefeuille176DrukhariLa Voie du Thalosnono
5. Jeremy aka "Ouro"FPoussan1413Astra MilitarumLa Waaagh de mon père !nono
6. Berner aka "Para-Beber"FMontpellier195The InquisitionLes Manants des Sourcesnono
7. Quentin aka "Ayji"FSaint Georges D'orques171Astra MilitarumLes Manants des Sourcesnono
8. Guillaume aka "Pham01"FPailhès496Blood AngelsMootlandnono
9. Vincent aka "Frycrash"FTalence669NecronsNonamenono

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Distribution of Origins
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