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2. Würfelgötter Kings Of War Turnier - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Wolfgang aka "WolleK"DLülsdorf15Abyssal DwarfsPrivateer Poza Boyzno
2. Paul aka "Hambut"DSiegburg9Forces of the Abyssno
3. Heinz aka "Officejunkie"DKöln5Northern AlliancePrivateer Poza Boyzno
4. Daniel aka "Stolle"DGladbeck57OrcsWürfelgötterno
5. Manfred aka "ful5"DBochum-RatkinDie Würfelgötterno
6. Gregor aka "Connaire"DTroisdorf21DwarfsPrivateer Poza Boyzno
7. Dominik aka "Emsi"DDorsten47OrcsDie Würfelgötterno
8. Thimo aka "Waraldir"DLeiferde36Sylvan KinWooden Spoonsno
9. Matze aka "DrMaze"DGelsenkirchen42UndeadDie Würfelgötterno

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