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3. Würfelgötter Kings Of War Turnier - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Wolfgang aka "WolleK"DLülsdorf15Abyssal DwarfsPrivateer Poza Boyzno
2. Paul aka "Hambut"DSiegburg9Forces of the Abyssno
3. Heinz aka "Officejunkie"DKöln5Northern AlliancePrivateer Poza Boyzno
4. Daniel aka "Stolle"DGladbeck-OrcsWürfelgötterno
5. Manfred aka "ful5"DBochum-RatkinDie Würfelgötterno
6. Gregor aka "Connaire"DTroisdorf30DwarfsPrivateer Poza Boyzno
7. Dominik aka "Emsi"DDorsten-OrcsDie Würfelgötterno

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Distribution of Origins
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