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Tournoi d'hiver 2022 [15mm] - List of Participants

1. Cédric aka "dricks"FLoury8TBDOrléans Wargamesyes
2. Sylvain aka "sylam"FMarigny Les Usages21TbdOrléans Wargamesyes
3. Bruno aka "onurbm"FOLIVET7TbdOrleans wg , ORM, Horde d'oryes
4. Bertrand aka "corybantes"FPatay29J'hésite, j'hésite ...Orléans Wargamesyes
5. Franck aka "Scratchilito"FPatay36TBD (the big dick)Orléans Wargamesyes

Distribution of Armies
J'hésite, j'hésite ...:1
TBD (the big dick):1
Distribution of Origins
Loiret (45):5
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