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AOS DARK DAY - Team contest - List of Participants

1. Thibaut aka "Arkadhim"FSeclin51Grand Alliance DeathTeam Two Staryes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Guillaume aka "Graffexpress"FBoulogne-Sur-Mer133Ogor MawtribesLogob'Rel et Hargra'Dyno
3. Andy aka "Tzeencht"FHoulle326Ossiarch BonereapersDark DEATH 1no
4. Victor aka "Starbuck_"FCalais174Stormcast EternalsDark ORDER 1no
5. Thomas aka "Scharossar"BWoluwe-Saint-Lambert212Grand Alliance DeathTeam Two Starno
6. Maxime aka "Pippin"FHazebrouck67Cities of SigmarGandalf et Pippinno
7. Mickaël aka "Meliodas"FLille29Stormcast EternalsGandalf et Pippinno
8. Tom aka "Falbias"FBoulogne Sur Mer249Gloomspite GitzLogob'Rel et Hargra'Dyno
9. François aka "Croudiocaros"FBoulogne-Sur-Mer368SeraphonLe rigolo de Boulogneno
10. Bertrand aka "Grehgor62"FBoulogne-Sur-Mer-Maggotkin of NurgleLes Pairs versno
11. Théo aka "Oreyis"FBoulogne Sur Mer-Hedonites of SlaaneshLes Pairs versno
12. Sean aka "Aryhas"FLille33Grand Alliance ChaosLes gourdins du chaosno
13. Benjamin aka "BenGI"FSequedin24Disciples of TzeentchLes gourdins du chaosno
14. Michael aka "Miladin"FParis21Soulblight GravelordsEsprit Ludiqueno
15. Julien aka "irvine31"FRexpoëde-Stormcast EternalsLe rigolo de Boulogneno
16. Matthieu aka "LUPETTE"FSoissons88Sons of BehematDuo Ludisno
17. Florian aka "bubulle"FCalais620Flesh-eater CourtsDark DEATH 1no
18. Louis-Xavier aka "Loukipainting"FLille377Sylvanethloukipaintingno
19. Henri-Guillaume aka "kikflip"FCarvin-Lumineth Realm-Lordsloukipaintingno

List of teams

1Team Two StarArkadhim
Registered teams
2Dark ORDER 1Starbuck_
3Dark DEATH 1Tzeencht, bubulle
4Team Two StarScharossar
5Gandalf et PippinPippin, Meliodas
6Le rigolo de BoulogneCroudiocaros, irvine31
7Les Pairs versGrehgor62, Oreyis
8Logob'Rel et Hargra'DyGraffexpress, Falbias
9Les gourdins du chaosAryhas, BenGI
10Esprit LudiqueMiladin
11Duo LudisLUPETTE
12loukipaintingLoukipainting, kikflip

Distribution of Armies
Grand Alliance Death:1
Distribution of Origins
Nord (59):1
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