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Belgian Mercenaries Tournament - Summer's edition - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Christopher aka "Rothulf"BWemmel2Warriors of the Dark GodsBrussels Fanaticsno
2. Loick aka "logik"BBruxelles3Kingdom of EquitaineRieurs sangliersno
3. Fernando aka "Elendor"BGent105Highborn Elvesno
4. Tom aka "Dhoruil"BRoeselare38The Vermin SwarmBlack border gaming forceno
5. François aka "Valmir"BAth14The Vermin SwarmRieurs sangliersno
6. Gregory aka "Gregus"BLIEGE66Empire of SonnstahlLiegendaryno
7. Gilles aka "Heleran"BKain59Empire of Sonnstahlno
8. Greg aka "Kerboul"BWagnelã©E6Ogre Khansno
9. Guy aka "IHDarklord"BRoeselare7Undying DynastiesTeam Belgiumno
10. Merlijn aka "Merlijn"Bbeveren25Sylvan ElvesTeam Belgiumno
11. Cédric aka "Moussococo"BEcaussinnes-d'Enghien15Warriors of the Dark GodsRieurs sangliersno
12. Christian aka "Galain"DRuppichteroth145Undying DynastiesPrivateer Poza Boyzno
13. Sébastien aka "Wally"LCapellen45Empire of Sonnstahlno
14. Giulio aka "falanor"LLuxembourg28ÅsklandersTeam Lëtzebuergno
15. William aka "wil7"LLuxembourg40Daemon LegionsTeam Lëtzebuergno
16. Jeoffrey aka "Molkhiar"BTournai102Vampire Covenantno
17. Quentin aka "Morkall"BWemmel35Orcs and GoblinsBrussels Fanaticsno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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