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Tournoi TDF 1 Maxireves 2022 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Vlad aka "LF12"FL’Aigle9Lannisterno
2. Julien aka "jlobart"FOutreau3Free Folk[PAIN]no
3. Lucas aka "AsGards"FMeudon33Targaryenno
4. Guillaume aka "Shindara"FColembert23Baratheon[PAIN]no
5. Thierry aka "Thierry-ASOIAF"FVilliers Sur Marne44TargaryenBar à Théono
6. Didier aka "Didier59"FNampont Saint Martin47Night's WatchLes D6Dno
7. Xavier aka "Bonnif"FRoubaix21Night's WatchLes D6Dno
8. (anonym)-StarkLes D6Dno
9. Dimitri aka "Imkariel"FBresles-Greyjoyno
10. Hugues aka "grogro"FLille39LannisterLes D6Dno
11. Mickael aka "Le_soldat_du_Nord"FMarcq-En-Baroeul22Night's WatchLes D6Dno
12. Jonas aka "Mahik"FRouen-BaratheonCeux qui ne se désaltèrent pasno
13. Benjamin aka "Welzs"FFlixecourt79Targaryenno
14. Alexandre aka "Alexandrosse"FSaint Ouen L'aummôn28Night's WatchLa Boussoleno
15. Mickael aka "mika"FCalais86Free Folkles Squigs du nordno
16. Vincent aka "khaldudu"FCalais91Greyjoyles Squigs du nordno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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