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La beauté du geste - 2ème édition - List of Participants

1. Fabrice aka "Golden"FMtp7Brotherhood of BuildersTeam Caerisno
2. Sylvain aka "Nedzegob"FToulouse1Aether NunsTeam Caerisno
3. Olivier aka "Vigoli"FMontpellier4Brotherhood of BuildersTeam Caerisno
4. Cedric aka "cedwfox"FPrivas-Aether Nunsno
5. Loïc aka "Kaedras"FNarbonne10Slang KingdomLouplionno
6. Justine aka "Gurdalf"FNarbonne-Brotherhood of BuildersLouplionno
7. Mathias aka "Maat"FPerpignan6Brotherhood of Buildersno
8. Hugo aka "boombo"FMauguio5Red MoonTeam Caerisno
9. Rémy aka "Onitsha"FMauguio8Aether NunsLes Manants des Sourcesno
10. Julien aka "Tyrsis"FTournefeuille-Slang Kingdomno

Distribution of Armies
Brotherhood of Builders:4
Aether Nuns:3
Slang Kingdom:2
Red Moon:1
Distribution of Origins
Hérault (34):4
Aude (11):2
Haute-Garonne (31):2
Ardèche (07):1
Pyrénées-Orientales (66):1
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