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La légende des baffes - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Kurt aka "Windelin"BGent12RomanRed Baronsno
2. Jan aka "Nepos"BGent7GothsRed Baronsno
3. Nicolas aka "Nicos"FLiffré14Gaulsno
4. Francois aka "ULDIN"FVitre-Moorsno
5. Yannick aka "YGGDRASYLL"FTelgruc Sur Mer19PictsYGGDRASYLLno
6. Jaouen aka "Orgonax"FTelgruc Sur Mer-Britonsno
7. Thomas aka "Nakhrin"FSargé-Lès-Le Mans29Anglo-DanesRillette teamno
8. Sebastien aka "SEB722"FConnerré-Greek Epireno
9. Frank aka "crin_blanc"FBruz-Great KingdomsLes pouilleux bruzoisno
10. Antoine aka "Fearn"FLe Mans-Anglo-Saxonno
11. Alex aka "pogo"BGent10Hunsno
12. Michel aka "Ra-Deg"FVaux Le Penil-Carthaginianno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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