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Les Lutineries 2022 - 40K - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. (anonym)-Space MarinesShakkramno0
2. Valentin aka "Baldacuze"FHelleville1788OrksLes Lutins du Cotentinno0
3. Julien aka "Litolien"FCouville2756Orksno0
4. Clement aka "KekeJames"FLa Hague1052Renegades and HereticsLes Lutins du Cotentinno0
5. Cédric aka "Kartaroth"FCouville1394NecronsKartarothno0
6. Sam aka "skrag50_"FLa Glacerie173Chaos Space MarinesBTN Back to Normandyno0
7. Tristan aka "Drenzar"FAcigné244Adeptus CustodesBTN Back to Normandyno0
8. Florian aka "Orbeck"FCherbourg533Death GuardLes Lutins du Cotentinno0
9. Anthony aka "Belisarios"FBayeux1355Adeptus CustodesAdeptus Mareducoronavirusno0
10. Benjamin aka "NarsesLeManchot"FIfs369Eldar CorsairsAdeptus Mareducoronavirusno0

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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