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The Alpine Major GT Star Wars Legion - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Thomas aka "Tomizlav"AGraz14EmpireAimpirenono
2. Thomas aka "DaGit"ASalzburg17EmpireP3nono
3. Daniel aka "DTW"DMönchengladbach-EmpireDTWnono
4. Rudi aka "Alanden"ASalzburg21EmpireP3nono
5. Nicolai aka "Formendacil"ASalzburg4Galactic RepublicP3nono
6. Markus aka "Matten"DHolzgerlingen-RebelsSWLL Stuttgartnono
7. Martin aka "Mafisto"ALenzing15EmpireP3nono
8. David aka "Dadax"ALenzing18RebelsP3nono
9. Philipp aka "Kupoku"ASalzburg-RebelsP3nono
10. Manfred aka "SailorMeni"AWien2RebelsWoW Keepersnono
11. Fabian aka "Scout"AKlagenfurt-Empirenono
12. Michael aka "DerPapst"AWien10EmpireWoW Keepersnono
13. Gregor aka "glanz90"AWien7SeparatistsWoW Keepersnono
14. Stefan aka "Hohepriester"AGraz22RebelsFamilienTeamnono
15. Rolf aka "Molf"DFreising-SeparatistsSquadrona Bavariaenono
16. Markus aka "bumei"DRosenheim-EmpireSQUADRONA BAVARIAEnono
17. Björn aka "Zeut"AGraz1Separatistsnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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