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Qualification France - ETC 2022 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Josselin aka "baooss"FBourg-La-Reine15ÅsklandersHot&Bashno
2. Gilles aka "camaris"FPort De Bouc81CultistsChupacabrasno
3. Raphaël aka "le_roi_liche"FHuttenheim55The Vermin SwarmAlsaceno
4. Zacharie aka "luthorhuss"FLe Mans2CultistsHot&Bashno
5. Renaud aka "Renork"FHyères303Orcs and GoblinsChupacabrasno
6. Franck aka "Aesanar"FSaint Genis Laval148ÅsklandersEast allianceno
7. Pierre aka "Petrus-"FDijon423Dread ElvesEast allianceno
8. Lionel aka "Desd"FMontpellier66CultistsEast allianceno
9. Arthur aka "Caladris"FDiebolsheim190Highborn ElvesAlsaceno
10. Jean-Philippe aka "Djine"FVilleurbanne73Orcs and GoblinsEast allianceno
11. Maxime aka "yajirobe68"FMulhouse16Empire of SonnstahlAlsaceno
12. Thomas1 aka "tox"FBesançon109Vampire CovenantEast allianceno

List of teams

Registered teams
1Hot&Bashbaooss, luthorhuss
2Chupacabrascamaris, Renork
3Alsacele_roi_liche, Caladris, yajirobe68
4East allianceAesanar, Petrus-, Desd, Djine, tox

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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