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Tournoi AOS - List of Participants

1. Camille aka "Elwa"FDives-Sur-Mer770Sylvanethcasa de cabourgyesyes
2. Alexandre aka "Chico-LDC"FCherbourg en Cotentin251Ogor MawtribesLes Lutines du Cotentinyesyes
3. Albert aka "Irases"FEqueurdreville217Hedonites of SlaaneshLes Lutines du Cotentinyesyes
4. Christopher aka "thortof"FOuistreham440Blades of Khornecasa de cabourgyesyes
5. Clement aka "KekeJames"FLa Hague554Grand Alliance OrderLes Lutines du Cotentinyesyes
6. Matthieu aka "Thurim-LDC"FSaint-Germain-Le-Gaillard962Orruk Warclansyesyes
7. Yoann aka "Alathenar"FCaen302Lumineth Realm-LordsLes Lutines du Cotentinyesyes
8. Gregory aka "Melian_faktus66"FCauvicourt-Maggotkin of Nurglecasa de cabourgyesyes
9. Theodore aka "Captain-toubib"FGrangues-Cities of Sigmarcasa de cabourgyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Blades of Khorne:1
Cities of Sigmar:1
Grand Alliance Order:1
Hedonites of Slaanesh:1
Lumineth Realm-Lords:1
Maggotkin of Nurgle:1
Ogor Mawtribes:1
Orruk Warclans:1
Distribution of Origins
Calvados (14):5
Manche (50):4
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