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La grande mélée du graoully - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Kevin aka "Wolfhunts"FHayange-TyranidsIGMnono
2. Cedric aka "Fylrias"FLorry-Les-Metz-Adeptus MechanicusIGMnono
3. Denis aka "Dragon_57"FMontigny Les Metz69Thousand SonsChaos Brothernono
4. Patrice aka "Black-Captain-57"FMontigny-Les-Metz276Chaos Space MarinesChaos Brothernono
5. Pierre aka "Rubber_x_Hunter"FMetz-Grey KnightsTEAM DRENZK Ynono
6. Jonathan aka "Khae"FBenestroff-Death GuardBattle juicenono
7. Corentin aka "cocodex"FMetz-Death GuardTEAM DRENZK Xnono
8. Teddy aka "Teddy57"FMoncheux-Adepta SororitasLes roses de la pestenono
9. Maxime aka "Grimgen"FDelme-Thousand SonsBattlejuicenono
10. Louis aka "Pasmedecin"FVaux-OrksTEAM DRENZK Znono

List of teams

Registered teams
1IGMWolfhunts, Fylrias
2Chaos BrotherDragon_57, Black-Captain-57
3TEAM DRENZK YRubber_x_Hunter
4Battle juiceKhae
6Les roses de la pesteTeddy57
8TEAM DRENZK ZPasmedecin

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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