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House Gaming Tournament - 3eme edition solo - List of Participants

1. Christophe aka "Tito69"FLyon198Beast HerdsDoomsday / Djinn family / mootyesyes
2. Arnault aka "Aegon8"FBesançon261Dread ElvesAigles sequanesyesyes
3. Presumey aka "kpcien"FChanay80Dwarven HoldsOrga tout puissantyesyes
4. Theo aka "Lord_Of_Dark_74"FAllèves300Highborn ElvesSons of Gamesyesyes
5. Vincent aka "pti_vincent"FLyon3Empire of SonnstahlARA69yesyes
6. David aka "Gobsdestrab"FLyon100Highborn ElvesARA69yesyes
7. Quentin aka "Annatar77777"FLyon-Warriors of the Dark Godsyesyes
8. Guillaume aka "elguigui"FMions105The Vermin SwarmDoomsday / Djinn family / mootyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Highborn Elves:2
Beast Herds:1
Dread Elves:1
Dwarven Holds:1
Empire of Sonnstahl:1
The Vermin Swarm:1
Warriors of the Dark Gods:1
Distribution of Origins
Rhône (69):5
Ain (01):1
Doubs (25):1
Haute-Savoie (74):1
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