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CLASH OF TEAMS FRANCE - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Tanguy aka "DocChatte"FMons en Baroeul47BarbariansLes Chatards ! Houblonno
2. Céleste aka "Jarekson"FSaint Jean Chambre45Order of the Green LadyLes rats corruptibles (Lyon)no
3. Michel aka "Kutchuc"FToulouse8VarangurOrk'n azes (occitanie 1)no
4. Timothée aka "Knurlnien"FToulouse1ElvesOrk'n azes (occitanie 1)no
5. Rachid aka "Le_Cul_de_Jatte"FGermignac6Empire of Dustl'equipe qui defourailleno
6. Olivier aka "Orckel"FLille27OrcsLes Chatards ! Bastonno
7. Mathieu aka "Beji"FSaint Médard d'eyrans9Nightstalkersl'equipe qui defourailleno
8. Maxime aka "Faolain"FTourcoing-VarangurLes Chatards ! Houblonno
9. Alex aka "Alexlesec"FMarly14DwarfsLes Chatards ! Bastonno
10. Arthur aka "AVL"FBueil17Forces of NatureCRJHno
11. Quentin aka "kentx"FRouen22UndeadCRJHno
12. Clément aka "Leff"FRouen41Forces of the AbyssCRJHno
13. Vincent aka "BlackSheepOne"FLille64NightstalkersLes Chatards ! Saucissonno
14. Paco aka "Iblis"EMadrid7League of RhordiaLes Chatards ! Bastonno
15. Samuel aka "expunk"FVilleneuve D' Ascq16OgresLes Chatards ! Bastonno
16. Mathieu aka "Zur"FWattignies94ElvesLes Chatards ! Saucissonno
17. Julien aka "Jax"FFontivillié223Abyssal DwarfsGDGno
18. Vincent aka "Julo62"FHénin-Beaumont23BasileansLes Chatards ! Houblonno
19. Adrien aka "Pantoufle"FVillenave d'Ornon59GoblinsG.U.I.L.D (Aquitaine)no
20. Julien aka "Falanirm"FGaillon89Forces of NatureCRJHno

List of teams

Registered teams
1Les Chatards ! HoublonDocChatte, Faolain, Julo62
2Les rats corruptibles (Lyon)Jarekson
3Ork'n azes (occitanie 1)Kutchuc, Knurlnien
4l'equipe qui defourailleLe_Cul_de_Jatte, Beji
5Les Chatards ! BastonOrckel, Alexlesec, Iblis, expunk
6CRJHAVL, kentx, Leff, Falanirm
7Les Chatards ! SaucissonBlackSheepOne, Zur
9G.U.I.L.D (Aquitaine)Pantoufle

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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