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Opération "Corned Beef" - List of Participants

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1. Franck aka "hulco"FGhyvelde De Moeren37German ArmyIllusion Gamerno0
2. Thierry aka "thiv01"FDunkerque65British Armyno0
3. Christophe aka "arhabal"FCalais20German ArmySquigs du Nordno0
4. Grégory aka "Greg62"FOye-Plage-German ArmySquigs du Nordno0
5. Jean-Marie aka "Jemada"FCalais-German ArmySquigs du Nordno0
6. Antoine aka "elcatinos"Frouen3German Armyhot.normandyno0
7. Enzo aka "Warren"FRonchin15Belgian ArmyNorth is comingno0
8. Cedric aka "crazyhorse"FCalais12German ArmySquigs du Nordno0
9. Thomas aka "eisenherz"DGelsenkirchen-Australian ArmyTableTopClubRuhrgebietno0
10. Adrien aka "Seeker62"FCalais24German Armyno0
11. Walfroy aka "jambon-puree"FCany-Barville50Japanese ArmyLes Thermo-pilesno0
12. Olivier aka "Lilive"FDunkerue-German Armyno0
13. Louis aka "Louis"FTaissy-Finnish Armyno0
14. Julien aka "Kaun"FCormicy43British ArmyLa team du Gob qui tousseno0

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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