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German Breach Teambrawl - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Julian aka "Saviour"DMünchen7The NeverbornKommander Wurschtbrotno
2. Moritz aka "Moe-Joe"DMünchen10The BayouKommander Wurschtbrotno
3. Max aka "Huggel"DKöln1The Ten ThundersTop Tables' Finestno
4. Harald aka "ikildkenny"DStuttgart27The NeverbornStückleSchemerno
5. Bernhard aka "bnf"DHeidelberg-The ArcanistsTequila Sunrise, bloodshot eyesno
6. Michael aka "Labla"DMünchen-The Explorer's SocietyTequila Sunrise, bloodshot eyesno
7. Sven aka "extremor"DKöln2The NeverbornTop Tables' Finestno
8. Ludovic aka "coolud"FEschau33The ResurrectionistsLes Grognards d'Alsaceno
9. Sandie aka "sanditos"FStrasbourg18The NeverbornLes Grognards d'Alsaceno
10. Robin aka "rodeheus"FStrasbourg6The Explorer's SocietyLes Grognards d'Alsaceno
11. Dominik aka "Ahriman999"AKorneuburg106The ArcanistsViennas Finestno
12. Benjamin aka "Bennoss"AWien144The Explorer's SocietyViennas Finestno
13. Markus aka "Hivemind0021"AWien183The ResurrectionistsViennas Finestno
14. Sascha aka "Sascha"DDüsseldorf-The ResurrectionistsTequila Sunrise, bloodshot eyesno
15. Julia aka "ZoraFirefly"DBochum44The NeverbornJuuuuudge!no
16. Al aka "fredl2020"DDortmund88The BayouJuuuuudge!no
17. Daniel aka "ep0xyt"DEbersbach an der Fils63The ArcanistsStückleSchemerno
18. Dominik aka "bounce"DBurgwedel-The Explorer's SocietyJuuuuudge!no
19. Hagen aka "Pryde"DBochum-The OutcastsStückleSchemerno
20. Daniel aka "Leion"DKöln-The NeverbornRenegadesno
21. Nino aka "Torsul"DBremen23The GuildBad things happenno
22. André aka "KillingOne"DBremen14The ArcanistsBad things happenno
23. Hanna aka "Hanna"DMeyenburg34The Ten ThundersBad things happenno
24. Christian aka "Gentleman"DEitorf17The Explorer's SocietyRenegadesno

List of teams

Registered teams
1Kommander WurschtbrotSaviour, Moe-Joe
2Top Tables' FinestHuggel, extremor
3StückleSchemerikildkenny, ep0xyt, Pryde
4Tequila Sunrise, bloodshot eyesbnf, Labla, Sascha
5Les Grognards d'Alsacecoolud, sanditos, rodeheus
6Viennas FinestAhriman999, Bennoss, Hivemind0021
7Juuuuudge!ZoraFirefly, fredl2020, bounce
8RenegadesLeion, Gentleman
9Bad things happenTorsul, KillingOne, Hanna

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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