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1. Ostermundiger Garten X-Wing Turnier - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Cyril aka "cybu"CHOstermundigen2ResistanceKrayt Dragonsno
2. Noé aka "Noeluc"CHOstermundigen18Rebel AllianceKrayt Dragonsno
3. Nilo aka "Nilojanic"CHOstermundigen40Rebel AllianceKrayt Dragonsno
4. Manuel aka "ManuCumbia"CHBern-Rebel Allianceno
5. Martin aka "Dragon_King"CHZürich3First OrderDagobah Swamp Forceno
6. Mirco aka "Emisro"CHBern17First Orderno
7. Sebastian aka "iki"CHBasel8Scum and Villainyno
8. Mika aka "Miqilo"CHBurgdorf1Rebel Allianceno
9. Lukas aka "Obi_Wan_Nihilus"CHWetzikon4Scum and Villainyno
10. Rafael aka "Dr_Punishment"CHWernetshausen37Rebel Allianceno
11. Sven S.CHBern-First Orderno
12. Nils S.CHBern-Rebel Allianceno
13. Timon aka "TimuK"CHSteffisburg29Galactic Republicno
14. Fabian aka "die_2"CHOberriet11Scum and VillainyX-Wing Unionno
15. Hendrik aka "Henjamin"CHBurgdorf-Galactic Empireno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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