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10. TTS-Cup Infinity - List of Participants

1. Martin aka "Kjaldir"DLeipzig218Military OrdersTabletop Sachsenyes
2. Moritz aka "Th1nG"DDresden-Shasvastii Expeditionary Forceyes
3. Max aka "Kiste"DLeipzig227Merovingian Rapid Response ForceTabletop Sachsenyes
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4. Johannes aka "KasusKnaxus"DLeipzig-Onyx Contact ForceTabletop Sachsenno
5. Justus aka "Jumara"DLeipzig228Dahshat CompanyTabletop Sachsenno
6. Martin aka "Hybris"DNaunhof274Imperial ServiceTabletop Sachsenno
7. Boris aka "Agurus"DDresden266NomadsAllBrakesNoGasno
8. Patrick aka "Patte"DMeißen107Combined ArmyDie Jungs fürs Grobeno
9. Florian aka "Olsket"DGlashütte406Corregidor Jurisdictional Commandno
10. Thomas aka "RTC"DZwickau75Operations Subsection of the S.S.S.Tabletop Sachsenno
11. Michael aka "Psychopath"DHainichen345Qapu Khalqino
12. Paul aka "Atraitorlikebrut"DDresden-Japanese Secessionist ArmyKompetenz durch Inkompetenzno

Distribution of Armies
Merovingian Rapid Response Force:1
Military Orders:1
Shasvastii Expeditionary Force:1
Distribution of Origins
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