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II. Holocron Jagd - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Sascha aka "Alen"DZwickau92Empireno
2. Alexander aka "FRY"DBerlin25Rebelssurge to blankno
3. Alexander aka "Akarnos"DApolda227RebelsEast Lionsno
4. Kay aka "HubertK"DErfurt16SeparatistsErfurt Loomsno
5. Janne aka "Viceroy"DJena23SeparatistsErfurt Loomsno
6. Johannes aka "mutigerGoblin"DErfurt18Galactic RepublicErfurt Loomsno
7. Philipp aka "BobyBalboa"DDingelstädt376RebelsTabletop Löwenrudel Hessenno
8. Johannes aka "Commander_HoopZ"DErfurt-SeparatistsNeighborHuttsno
9. Mike aka "DynaMike"DErfurt-EmpireNeighborHuttsno
10. Martin aka "Marthoq"DBad Langensalza-EmpireNeighborHuttsno
11. Daniel aka "DaXX"DErfurt-RebelsNeighborHuttsno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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